Member Meeting – April 14

The April gathering will be hybrid, as usual and hosted at the Wow Zone. Those attending in person can order food and drinks as soon as they arrive.

The gathering will be a more open concept, focused on time to connect one on one and chat about our businesses and what’s happening in our lives.

We will have a member profile and talk about our annual meeting/party
Member Profile by Christie Lea Thompson – ChristieLegal, LLC. Find out more about Christie and her business at

All members are asked to think about a topic or issue they would like to talk about. Below are a couple questions from Christie to add to the evening’s chats:

  1. Do you know what percentage of your business you receive from each of your marketing efforts, including networking? If you do, then do you spend your marketing hours focusing on where you obtain more of your clients from?
  2. What other networking opportunities are there in GMA, MN, & globally?

Since we have decided to relax the structure of how our gatherings go, and because it will be really focused on celebrating our connections… Please feel free to invite other women friends and associates to come hang out and relax.

If anyone has other ideas for our monthly gatherings, the board wants to hear them!
The Board will be making some basic plans for the summer months for a couple of social opportunities for all of us!

See you on the 14th!
The WEB Board

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