Who is W.E.B.

W.E.B. was founded in 1993 by

We are a business networking group whose members are women who own, want to start, or are instrumental in running a business. Our purpose is to help women sustain and grow their businesses. As a nonprofit, W.E.B. provides an opportunity for entrepreneurial women who enjoy getting together to share their stories and to encourage one another. Business and leadership scholarships are offered to members to advance their business and professional goals.

Business woman working at a desk

Why join W.E.B.? 

  • Networking 
  • Business development
  • Inspiration
  • Support

Who should join W.E.B.? Women who are…

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Those aspiring
  • Those retired
Jaunjo Menta

We’re connected as women. It’s like a spiderweb. If one part of that web vibrates, it there’s trouble, we all know it, but most of the time we’re just too scared, or selfish, or insecure to help. But if we don’t help each other, who will? ……….Sarah Addison Allen

Each of us is a uniques strand in the intricate web of life and here to make a difference……….Depak Chopra